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Create a sleep sanctuary in 3 easy steps

Create a sleep sanctuary in 3 easy steps

Your bedroom plays a major role in your ability to get a great night’s sleep. If your current slumber set up is nothing to be desired, you may want to consider making a few improvements. To create the ideal sleep sanctuary, you should take note of the following three steps.

 Perfect your lighting levels

So that you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, it’s vital that you pay close attention to the lighting levels in your bedroom. Whether you’re kept awake by the glare of nearby streetlights or you wake up too early as a result of the sun rising, allowing light to seep in through your windows could be wreaking havoc on your ability to rest. To keep this problem at bay and make your room suitable for sleep, you may want to think about improving your window dressings. For example, you could fit your windows with blockout roller blinds to control the level of brightness in your sleeping space. This style of window dressing can be rolled up during the day to let the light pour in and let down at night to create the ideal setting for snoozing.

 Update your bed setup

Your bed can have huge impact on how well you sleep. So, if your current setup isn’t up-to-scratch, you might be due an upgrade. Firstly, you should check your mattress. If yours is starting to sag and you wake up feeling achy and sore, you could probably benefit from investing in a new model. Moreover, your bed should exude comfort, so you could ditch your current bedsheets in favour of bedding that is more luxurious. From the pillowcases, to the duvet cover, to the undersheet, simply overhauling your bed linen is a guaranteed way to transform your boudoir into the perfect sleeping area. 

Get the temperature just right

In order create the ideal bedroom setup, you should try to achieve the perfect temperature balance. If your room is too hot or too cold, you may struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Ideally, your room should be between 18C and 24C, however you can adjust this to suit your personal preference. If your bedroom is particularly chilly, you could add a cosy throw to your bed, or if your room is too warm, you could try opening a window or invest in a cooling fan.

Putting these tips into practice should help you turn your bedroom into a cosy sleep haven.

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