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Cash Back Apps

Cash Back Apps

Photo by  Alexandru Tugui  

Photo by Alexandru Tugui 

Cash Back Apps are Apps you can use to now claim money back on your everyday supermarket shop!

Each App offers exclusive cash-back on selected products.  The amount you’ll get back depends on the individual offer, but sometimes you can get the full amount back. 

I actively check the Apps before I head down to the supermarket to if I can take advantage of any offers that suit me. It's super easy to claim the cash back, after you done your shopping, you scan the item and/or just take a photo via the app of the receipt. 

Below is the list of all the apps I successfully use to claim cash back:

Check Out Smart

Available on both your phone and your desktop, and has some free 100% cash backs.

Minimum payout: £20 or more incur no processing fee. Anything lower than £20 incurs a 5% processing fee.

Payout: Paypal or bank account


My favourite app, with some great freebies and cash back. To get a free Nutella Jar download the Shopmium app and use my Referral code: KHEFAGFP

Payout: Paypal or bank account

No min payout, as once you claim each item, once approved cash back is sent within 72 hours.

Quidco ClickSnap

You have to sign up to Quidco to access the offers on the ClickSnap app.

Payout: Paypal or bank account

Minimum payout: £0.01


A new app, now available to use cash back in Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose (with new supermarkets coming soon)

Payout: Paypal or bank account

Minimum payout: £1.50

Top CashBack

This is the topcashback.co.uk  website, and you do have to have an account with them to use their App to claim cash back.

All these Apps are user friendly, handy and fun to have and as long as you have a smartphone and/or tablet you should be able to access and use these Apps with ease; they are free to download and are available on both Android and iOS



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