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School Shoes Wish List

Only 2 more weeks before the kids head back to school, a new school-year. Liam's final year taking his GCSE's, Lewis's 2nd year at secondary school, Jacob is moving up from Reception to Year 1, and Summer is starting Nursery.  And, it is time to sort the kids school shoes out - 4 new pairs, and one big hole in the pocket. 

I always look for well-made shoes, shoes that will last the wear and tear kids put them through, something they are happy to wear and a pair that are comfortable.

My wish list of shoes from Charles Clinkard :

Summer starts Nursery in September, she will be going to the same school as Jacob! Summer loves the Lelli Kelly shoes, and these would be perfect for her first pair of school shoes (especially as she loves anything with a bow on it).

Jacob, needs a tough shoe, one that will give the wear and tear a 5-year-old needs. A comfortable shoe, that is also smart looking and will last, Geox Junior Giant.  Geox is a brand I have used over the years - shoes that I trust and love.

Lewis, pre-teens would like something more mature, but still easy and comfortable for him to wear, thus, these Kickers Reasan Strap youth shoes, are perfect for him.

Liam will be 16 in a few months, he is in adult shoes, so for Liam these Josef Seibel Douglas slip on shoes are perfect for what he needs (and what he will wear) they are in the sale at the moment as well!

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