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Pinata Party

Next month is Summer's birthday! She will be 3.

We plan to throw her a little party with family and close friends. As it is peak summer, it will be perfect for a BBQ, and a party theme in what she loves - anything princess.

Party games are important - Piñata is a popular game in parties, we always have piñata for birthday and Halloween etc. and I plan to have a piñata party for Summer's birthday - Dazzle have a fantastic range of pinata's from racing cars, to butterflies. For Summer's birthday we got her the Frozen piñata - I know she will love this.

But I was thinking the other day, what else can I put in the piñata besides sweets - something different, new and something the kids won't be expecting.

Why is it that pinata’s are always filled with sweets? Yes, sweets are really yummy and of course, the kids love it – but the actual thrill of a piñata is whacking it, hoping and watching the things drop out. But why not try something different! Here are some fun and unique ideas on what to put in your party piñata:

Erasers, Crayons, Notepads/Colouring Books,Gliders, Key-rings, Bubbles, Yo-yo’s, Spinning tops, Stickers, Water squirt guns, Finger Puppets, Glow sticks, bouncy balls... many more

The list of things to fill your piñata with is just endless. All you need to do is mix it up - put something different in bar sweets. You can imagine how fun it would be if you are having a party and something different fell out of the piñata - the kids would love it.

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