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The Dreaded MOT & Ordering Tyres Online

It's that time of the year again for me, approaching rather quickly, and it's not something to look forward to, it fills you with dread, with the haunting thought "how much is it going to cost me this year".  

The dreaded MOT; dropping your car off, walking away with a horrid feeling that you will be receiving a call to announce the expensive fixes needed for your car to pass.  Yes, been there the past two years, each time there have been little things like new wipers needed, to bigger things that cost lots of money.

You can't help but worry, but it is the MOT, and the reason we have to have one is to check if our cars are roadworthy, and that they are safe. Not only are MOTs for our benefit, they are also everyone else.

Below are a few simple checks and fixes I make to reduce the chance of failing the MOT:

  • Vehicle lights - I check the headlights, sidelights, rear lights, hazard lights and indicators. I turn the engine on, get hubby or one of the boys to check all lights on the back and front of the car to make sure they are in working order (you can also check this in a reflection on a window).
  • Tyres - The tyres are important when it comes to safety, and there is no real excuse when it comes to making sure they are safe and legal, so your tyres should be checked regularly and not just when your MOT is due. If you are like me, far too busy to pop down, sit and wait in a garage to order and get the new tyres fitted, then you can organise it all on-line with Point S

  • Seat belts -  I like to make sure the seat belts are all working. I plug them in and release them, simple as that.
  • Wipers - for the past 2 years I have failed on my windscreen wipers, thus, I must make sure to remember to check these this time.
  • Engine oil - I am a nightmare with this, always forgetting to check it, thank god for the warning light on my dashboard. I often get my hubby to check my engine oil for me.

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