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Pop-up Restaurants

I love eating out, experiencing and discovering new foods and dishes, somewhere new and exciting and the best way for that is by visiting the cool and edgy pop-up restaurants. They are literally eateries that pop-up from nowhere, often at an unexpected setting, or perhaps in the place of a private home. 

They're here one day, gone the next; an alternative to the traditional dining out.

If one opens, then you know it is only open for a period of time before it disappears, then you must eat there so you not only get to experience it, but you don't miss out. They are known to offer a unique and exciting experience, and this is because the cook could be an up and coming chef who is looking to gain experience, or maybe a chef that loves to cook but doesn’t, or can't run a restaurant full time.

Then there are companies opening pop-ups with an added twist, not only can you enjoy a special meal, but you can mix it with some entertainment, like poker. The "All-In Kitchen" was created and was the world's first pay-by-poker pop-up restaurant. You play poker to determine how much you pay for your meal. First you play three hands of poker, then, what you pay for your meal is based on how many chips you have at the end of those three hands. Even if you lose out in one of the three hands, you will still only pay a reasonable amount for a three-course meal, i.e. the last All-In Kitchen was £10 per head.

Sounds like something different and fun? Great for a group of friends to get together and experience, the All-In Kitchen plans for it to re-appearance at future stops, no idea yet (but that is the whole point) you just have to watch out for details.

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