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Garden Refresh

The past couple of years we have almost neglected our poor garden, we've done the bog standard maintenance of cutting the grass regularly, but that is it, and when it comes to the rest of the garden, i.e. the decking that looked old, the shed that looked drab, and the patches of mud around the shed, nothing has been refreshed or changed recently.

The shed was positioned on the grass very near the decking area, and whenever the boys went in the shed to get their bikes or scooters out, or if we popped something in the wheelie bins which were positioned next to the shed, we would always traipse mud into the house and all over our carpet - it became very frustrating, even all the mats we placed outside and inside just didn't help.

I came to the conclusion that the garden was in desperate need of some love and attention.

Hubby had the week off so we started cleaning up the garden, we moved the shed, painted it, dug out a patio area, laid the slabs, positioned the shed on the patio area, painted the decking, and decorated the garden with some fresh new accessories. A lot of hard work and effort has finally gone into our garden, although, we are not quite finished, we are pleased with the changes thus far. It looks much better, brighter, and appealing. 

Below you can see our two new favourite decorations that we received from the lovely people at Millrace Garden Centre; we've added them into our garden and we think they look fab, they bring character into our garden, and the kids enjoy them, as do I.

These two the bright cute ladybirds climbing up our house.

The new solar silhouette owl that sits silently on our garden wall, watching over the garden and in the night glows.

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