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Achieving a Better Nights Sleep.

Recently Lewis was really struggling with his sleep, he kept complaining his mattress was too hard, so he was laying on top of a quilt, and very late at night I would find him asleep with his earphones in listening to soothing music on YouTube, which he said helped him block out any noise.  The lack of sleep was affecting him, and I was concerned that he was going into school tired (and he gets rather grumpy when he is tired).  

We tried swapping the mattress around, first, we swapped with Jacob's softer mattress, and then the mattress from the spare bed, but nothing was working, he simply was unable to get comfortable.

There is the option of buying him a new mattress etc., however, I was concerned that even if we did spend money on a new mattress, it wouldn't solve the issues, and the same problems would continue.

Below are some great products we successfully tried out to help him get a better sleep.

The Essential high density memory foam mattress topper

- It is 2.5cm deep and is designed to improve the comfort offered by your current mattress, and it gave the softness that Lewis was looking for. 

You can order the 3ft size from Mattress Next Day for just £19.99, with free next day delivery. The 

memory foam mattress topper uses the body temperature to mould to your body shape whilst you sleep, it ensures the perfect position for your body, thus helping Lewis get that comfort he so badly needed; it transformed Lewis's bed, and he is one happy boy.


headphones in a headband that make listening to audio in bed an easier and more comfortable. They were designed by a family doctor to provide wearable comfort that's literally music to your ears.

 Perfect for people like Lewis, who likes to listen to soothing music to help me go off to sleep, but also great for blocking out any unwanted noises. Woven from a luxurious, smooth light fleece material for the most comfortable fit. 

The fabric is cool, soft, lightweight stretchy material. 

With these two new additions, and with his trusty feather down pillow and snuggly quilt Lewis is now achieving a more comfortable sleep and we haven't had any issues since. Of course, he has the odd night where he can't get off to sleep, but that is normal for anyone, and nothing to do with the comfort of his bed.

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