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Grocery cash-back Apps, an excellent way to claim money back on your supermarket shops.

A couple of months ago I discovered my first cash-back app (free to download); these are Apps you can use to now claim money back on your supermarket shops! Each of the below Apps offer exclusive Cash-back on selected products - which are updated regularly and do offer a good variety, from fresh fruit/veg to frozen products.  

When I downloaded my first cash-back App onto my iPhone (Shopitize), and submitted my first item to claim, it went very smooth and I had no problems, this encouraged me to start using the App as part of my shopping experience.  I now actively check the Apps prior to heading down to the supermarket, and if I see any offers that would suit me or my family then I will add the item on my shopping list. When I get home and unpack my shopping, I then scan/take photo of the receipt using the App, and that is it, easy as that! 

I thought I would share with you my experiences with each App. 

Clicksnap - This App is linked to Quidco and you need to have a Quidco cash-back website account, if you do not have one, it is easy to set-up. You can then download the App onto your phone or tablet.

> https://www.quidco.com/clicksnap/offers
Each selected product on the clicksnap App can be redeemed up to 3 times (always check the individual T&Cs).   They offer longer expiry dates to claim the cash-back for your purchased item.  

To claim cash-back from the selected products on the Clicksnap App for items you have purchased, you first have to tick the offers you would like to redeem, and then you have to take a photo of the receipt by using the camera function within the App; always a full length photo and then you can take further photos of the receipt by 'stitching' it. You submit your claim, and it takes upto a couple of days for them to confirm.  On the App itself you can see how much you have earned. All claimed cash-back is then added onto your Quidco account.

Shopitize - This App you connect to your Facebook account, and each time you want to claim any cash-back you have to answer a quick question or share your cash-back on your Facebook page.

> http://www.shopitize.com/

To claim your cash-back from the selected products on the Shopitize App, you first have to add the item, then you scan the bar code on your purchased item, using the scanner within the App, and then you can a photo of the receipt, which has to be a full length photo, and you can also take additional photos of parts/sections of the receipt.   You do have to build-up at least £5 in cash-back before you can request payment.  Once you do request payment, it is sent to your PayPal account within a couple of days.  The Shopitize App is the App in which I have achieved most of my cash-back since starting!

MySuperlist -This is the App owned by the mySupermaket.co.uk website. 

> http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/

This App has multi functions, it not only offers a good variety of cash-back, it also offers you the facility to search/scan any products found in supermarkets, and gives you a price comparison (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Aldi etc.).  To be honest I found this App a little tricky to start with -  how to use compared to the other Apps, but once I had worked it out! I started using the App effortlessly to claim cash-back.  In addition, the App uses two different styles of cash-back on the selected items, it can either offer a set amount like 50p, £1 etc.. or it will offer a percentage of cash-back, i.e. 20% , 50% etc.. 

To claim cash-back you first have to add the selected cash-back offer, then take a snap of a full length receipt.  MySuperlist then transfers the cash-back amount into your PayPal within a few days.

Snap N Save
This App is connected to topcashback.co.uk  website, and you do have to have an account with them to use the App to claim cash-back.

> http://www.topcashback.co.uk/SnapAndSave/Offers
Items you purchase in participating supermarkets can only be redeemed once within 7 days. If the offer is extended for another week you can purchase again and redeem the cash-back.

You take a picture of your receipt, using the camera function within the App, and send it off to Topcashback, then will then apply the cash-back onto your Topcashback account.  I find with Snap N Save, that the cash-back is lower than the other Apps. 

Now and then these Apps will also offer a bonus cash-back for a short period of time (24 hours), where you can receive full or near the full cost of the item back in cash-back, so keep an eye out for these!   

All these Apps are user friendly, handy and fun to have and as long as you have a smartphone and/or tablet you should be able to access and use these Apps with ease; they are free to download and are available on both Android and iOS.  Since I first started using them in the beginning of August, I have collected and received £60 Cash-back, it depends on what you use/consume, but there was plenty more cash-back available.   For me I enjoy using these Apps, as I receive money back and I have purchased a selected item or two, that maybe I wouldn't normally have purchased, and therefore I am experiencing new products.

Do you use these Apps? If not, will you?

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