End-Of-Summer Craft Ideas To Do With Your Kids

There is no such thing as a bad time of year to do some crafts with your children. However, there are always times when it becomes particularly important to spend time with your children. Parents are often struck by what a difference it can make to the family's mood when it comes to near the end of summer. If you have noticed this in your children, you might be keen for a way to cheer them up a bit. Fortunately, we have the solution here. In this post, we are going to look at some of the best end-of-summer craft ideas you can do with your children. These will help to put a smile on everyone’s face in no time.

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5 Tips to selecting a lawyer for your business needs

Everybody knows how hard it is to run a business. That is why you will need a lot of help from specialists in order to make the business run smoother and efficient. You will not only need managers that are experts in handling the day-to-day operations of the company, you will also need to employ the services of a good lawyer. Lawyers are experts in the matters concerning the law, and we all know that the law can easily close down your business if you commit a major crime. To elaborate the importance of a lawyer in a business, below are some of the business processes that need the guidance of a lawyer.

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Epic Halloween Decorations Wish List

Halloween, second to Christmas, is one night of the year my kids (and us adults) love to celebrate. The kids have already been counting down the days and we still have three months to go. Why do we love Halloween so much?! It’s the one night of the year where it is perfectly acceptable and expected of people to dress up in the most scary and elaborate costumes, with some great face painting to match. It’s fun, scary fun, creative, and of course it always involves a lot of sweets.

The kids love trick or treating, but they love that we decorate the house too.  But,

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Child friendly updates for you garden this summer

With the summer-time here it’s time to make your garden the place to be. Put in the work now and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy those precious moments of sunshine throughout the school term. Whether you have a large garden or a petite yard, these outdoor updates will make you and your children fall in love with your garden a little more.

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Fun ways to explore your local area with the kids 

We’re all aware that in this modern age, including the kids, we are more likely to sit behind screen, and as a result, our levels of activity are down. This summer holiday, I plan to keep my kids active and spend some fun time with them outdoors. With 4 kids to consider ranging in ages from 4 to 17 years old, I've listed some fun ways to cater for them all:

Segway boards - Easy and fun way to ride the streets, down the park, along the seawall and so much more. I first saw these when a family were riding one each in Center Parcs - I thought then 'what a great way to get around Center Parcs'. This one is for the older two. I wouldn't let the youngest two on one.

Scooters - The 2 youngest kids favourite - they love their scooters. Lightweight, portable and easy to take out. The kids can whizz around having loads of fun being active at the same time. They can take these down the street, park or even on the ramps at the skate park! Great fun for all the kids.

Heelys - These are great fun! They are shoes with removable wheels so the kids can walk, run or roll. Kids can have fun, and be exceptionally 'cool'. Hellys can be worn and enjoyed by all the family.

Brompton bikes - Something fun unique and practical like the Brompton Bike. Perfect to hop onto the train with and to go explore the city. The Brompton can be taken anywhere: on the bus/train, out to a restaurant, or down the beach. This folding bike allows the ultimate portability, allowing you to fit a bike ride into your busy day to day life. So the kids can be out on their scooters, and I can follow along on my Brompton.

These are some fun ideas to keep the kids active this summer holiday. An active kid = a happy kid and doing it outdoors is so much better, no matter the weather.

Is It Worth The Investment?

They say money makes the world go round, and it does. Just when you feel like you’ve got your income down and your expenses under control, another unexpected cost comes in. It’s never ending. But, that doesn’t mean you have to let money worries get you down. Instead, you should start to see your finances from a practical perspective. In life, there are so many different areas that warrant costs. Some you’ll be able to work out, but others will need paying. So how do you work it out?

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Low Maintenance, Edible Plants You Can Grow

More and more people are embracing home grown food.

Anyone can do it, you don’t need to be a farmer in order to reap the benefits of home-grown food. If you have a garden and/or window and a bit of extra time on your hands, then you can grow your own food right at home. Growing food at home also ensures that you know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown.

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3 Secret Selfie Tips That Will Change The Game

Taking the perfect selfie seems to be something that the Kardashians and similar public figures have mastered. However, it can take time for us mere mortals to get down. With the right tips, you can transform a mediocre selfie into something spectacular - maybe even something that gets hundreds of likes! Here are a few tips you need to know for this to happen:

Take It From A High Angle

The most flattering pictures are always taken from a high angle. This doesn’t need to be ridiculously high; just high enough to slim the face and flatter you. Practice taking from a higher angle and see how you like it.

Use A Selfie Light

Sometimes, it’s not you. It’s the lighting! Natural lighting and artificial lighting can change your selfie. Investing in a selfie light means you have a special light you can clip to your phone so that it’s perfect, wherever you may be. Perfect for night’s out and when you’re away from home, or even when you just want to up your game.

Choose Your Background Carefully

If your background is too distracting, you’re not going to take that ‘wow’ selfie that you really want to master. Choose your background carefully. It shouldn’t be too distracting, and should even enhance the picture if possible. You could take it against a block colour background, or even something with a subtle pattern.

If you love these selfie tips, you’re going to love all of the tips in the infographic below. You’ll never feel bad about a selfie you take ever again!

Credit to MyTrendyPhone

Substance Misuse Worker Opportunities in Criminal Justice

There are numerous employment opportunities available for substance misuse workers within the criminal justice framework in the UK. These specialists support both adults and young people who have significant issues with drugs, alcohol or other substances.

Substance misuse counselors work in a variety of settings, from prisons and residence-based rehabilitation to clinics; they also often serve on youth offending teams.

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Looking to buy a new car

Buying a new car is quite exciting. It's definitely one of life's greatest joys.  The browsing, doing test drives, and finding the one car just for you. And, when you finally get your new car home, it feels really good.

Hubby has a company car, but when it comes to my car, it's the family car. A 7 seater, which is essential to fit all 6 of us in.

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SkateHut Wish List

I'm not sure about you but there's something quite therapeutic about making a list (small or large) and wish lists are so much fun to do! especially ones for my kids.  

I've shopped at Skate Hut for years. My now teen boys when they were younger and into Scooters, they owned many different scooters over the years - and we always bought them from Skate Hut.

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Five Simple Ways to Give your Garden some Oomph

Summer is on its way at an alarming speed, which means there is no time like now to make a few simple improvements to your outside space. Following these tips might be all it takes to encourage you and your family to really take advantage of the (admittedly occasional) sunny days and light evenings this summer.

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