Laundrapp £15 #discountcode with no minimum spend

No matter how large or small your family, the never-ending round of laundry can be one of the most dreaded household chores. Many homes choose to utilise launderettes, but for many of us with busy lives, sparing the time to get to the laundrette can be an even bigger drain. 

Laundrapp, the on-demand, on-your-doorstep, laundry and dry cleaning service is offering my followers £15 off their first order, using the code LAUNDRAPPTANYA.

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Vintage Handbags

A girl's best friend is a handbag!  I love handbags. I have a few I've collected over the years, and never throw them out - I store them away safely. 

The handbag is a statement of personality and attitude. They're a unique statement of a woman's status and quite possibly they're mood.

But, why do we carry handbags? 

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My Top Freebie Website

Who doesn't love a freebie? The internet is bursting with websites offering freebies and coupons, Whilst a lot of them will list many offer the same products, it’s important to make sure you’re visiting the best websites so you're not wasting time trawling through rubbish.

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Sex, Money and Death Discussions

When it comes to tricky discussions like sex, money and death, they are not always the most welcome, and/or the easiest of discussions to have. Depending on the situation and who you are talking too, is whether it is a comfortable experience or not. For example, conversations with kids will differ to those with parents; siblings; grandparents or friends. But, these are conversations that at some point are needed and most of the time shouldn't be avoided.  

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Bring More Money Into The Family Home

No matter what your lifestyle is like, there is a good chance that you sometimes find yourself wishing that you had a little more money. This is something that everyone knows the feeling of, and very often it is a simple matter of making some basic changes to your life in order to make it happen. If you are struggling with your finances, or even if you just want to bring in a little more, there are plenty of ways of doing just that. In this article, we are going to go through some of the essential ways that you might want to consider for bringing more money into the home, easily and quickly. As long as you are taking these on board at least to some degree, you will find that they make a noticeable difference in a very short space of time. Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to bring in more money now.

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Love The Sales Spring Outfit Wish List

I've put together my Spring Outfit Wish List from the Love The Sales website.

As we transition from winter to spring, it means we start to struggle between knowing what the weather for the day will be like - is it hot. is it cold...  

As you expect with the great British weather, it could be sunny in the morning but come afternoon it's cloudy and cold. So for me, making the winter to spring wardrobe transition work, layering ensures I'm ready for unreliable weather and managing that time between paring down my winter clothes to not yet fully wearing warmer weather pieces.

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When your car breaks down

When your car breaks down, it's not fun and it can, of course, be expensive. Over the years we've had a few experiences of breaking down, from running out of fuel, to smoke coming out of the engine.

The first time I broke down, was when Lewis was a baby, I was driving to the shops the other end of town when smoke started coming out of the bonnet. Trying not to panic, I pulled over to the side of the road, and got the kids out of the car and rang hubby.  A lady came out of her house to offer us help and to make sure we were okay, which I thought was really lovely and kind.

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How to Take a Healthier Approach to Home Working

It may help you to get the better of your challenging commute but home working doesn’t always get a good press when it comes to promoting healthy living. Whether you’re taking your everyday job home with you in order to work flexibly or you’re planning to explore your options as a freelancer, home working has many potential health hold ups. And, if you’re not careful they can build up and detract from benefits such as longer lie ins.

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The Jump

The Jump - a TV series in its fourth year now, which has been plagued by serious injuries and is probably one of the most dangerous shows on TV - the best part, we get to watch, on the edge of our seats, celebrities risk some pretty daring winter sports.

Last year there were numerous accidents, with Olympians Beth Tweddle and Rebecca Adlington both suffering from horrific injuries, and to be honest, I didn't expect another series to be made, surely it was too dangerous? But, it seems we all love to watch it and Channel 4's The Jump returned in 2017 with the fourth series.

When I first heard about Jump, I thought, sigh not another silly celebrity competition show. But, we watched it, got hooked and are slightly obsessed with it - what they do is pretty amazing, something I would like to think I would do myself, but know I would be too scared too - so I admire them.

But, I do wonder, why do these celebrities risk it? is it for the thrill... or maybe they enjoy a new challenge no matter the danger.. maybe they thrive on danger..... or is it simply down to money?!. If in doubt, take a look at this infographic by Cash Lady below and then you decide. 

The infographics shares its finding into how much the BBC, ITV and Channel 5 spend on their biggest shows – Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity and Celebrity Big Brother.
I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here.

I Need a Bike



I haven't owned a bike for years. Which is such a shame and something I would love to change.

Something you probably don't know about me, but growing up I was BMX racer - we were part of the Lowestoft Bandits BMX club/community. My brother started BMXing first, and I shortly followed after and it became a family thing. BMX was our lives. We would travel the UK and Europe competing and when I look back, it was pretty cool - my kids think it is pretty cool too. It's something we did as a family, we were very involved in the BMX community and everything we did was always around our racing.  We were very lucky that my parents gave us the opportunity and support.

I used to bike everywhere, even after the BMXing years. When I was pregnant with both my oldest sons, before I drove, I biked to work, biking was my transport. Then I passed my driving test and I believe since then, I haven't been on a bike! Which is such a shame, considering I loved my bikes. 

With us as a family we've been getting more and more outdoors - as much as I am falling in love with the walking, I itch to get back on a bike. Especailly when we go on our Center Parcs holidays, we take the kids bikes, but hubby and I don't have one. We need one!

I have no clue what bike to buy, or where to start? There are many choices, from road bikes for the more sporty, to electric bikes for commuters, a mountain bike, and much more. But, as I haven't been on a bike for many years, I do like the idea of starting with an electric bike - one reason, they would be much easier to conquer a hill! They are surely faster, and it would be pretty fun.

Hopefully one day soon, I will be back on seat, enjoying the freedom and fun that biking gives you. 

Look Fantastic Subscription Box

There something special about receiving subscription boxes through the post each month. It's like giving yourself a gift full of goodies each month.

Subscription boxes are a great idea to discover and try out products you may or probably have never tried before - or even never considered before. I know from my experience with beauty subscription boxes over the years, I've found products that I've fallen in love with and gone on to purchase.

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When a new combi boiler is needed

2016 was all about the extension for us, we added an extension on the back of the house, moved the living room into the new extension and with the old living room, we partitioned it into two halves which become our utility room and new dining room. 2017 sees our house renovations continue, where we plan on converting the garage into a play-room for the kids and probably most importantly, to replace the boiler.

We currently have a system boiler, which includes an electric thermal storage boilermate upstairs, and a gas boiler, downstairs.

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Winter veggie victories

As we begin the slope into the colder months, your gardening efforts shouldn’t disappear. If you take a long winter break, you’ll find that it makes it tougher to get back out the following year. Instead, you should stay active by growing some delicious vegetables that can withstand the winter. Here are five of the best winter vegetables to grow, courtesy of Suttons Seeds

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My son celebrated his 17th birthday over the weekend. He's grown into a lovely young man, maybe a little grumpy now and then, but mostly he's a thoughtful and caring soul. I am a super proud mum.

As well as being at college, he is working part-time and spends most of his hard working cash on clothing! Still, after the past 6-months, I get a little odd feeling when parcels come through the door for him - each time it reminds me he is not a child anymore, he's a growing lad.

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