Renovation and Extension Insurance

Last year we had an extension built. At first, we did consider moving to a larger home, but we didn't really want to move. It was a close decision between, do we move, or do we extend - based on our previous move into this house, which wasn't a very positive experience, we wouldn't want to go through that again (Why it wasn't very positive? even though we exchanged early afternoon, and it should have been in and out, the people weren't even packed and they were not willing to move out until our solicitor threatened them with expensive legal bills - a week later they were still removing their furniture and belongings from our new home).  Plus there is the massive fact that we really like the home we have and the area we live in.

Bring More Money Into The Family Home

No matter what your lifestyle is like, there is a good chance that you sometimes find yourself wishing that you had a little more money. This is something that everyone knows the feeling of, and very often it is a simple matter of making some basic changes to your life in order to make it happen. If you are struggling with your finances, or even if you just want to bring in a little more, there are plenty of ways of doing just that. In this article, we are going to go through some of the essential ways that you might want to consider for bringing more money into the home, easily and quickly. As long as you are taking these on board at least to some degree, you will find that they make a noticeable difference in a very short space of time. Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to bring in more money now.

Love The Sales Spring Outfit Wish List

I've put together my Spring Outfit Wish List from the Love The Sales website.

As we transition from winter to spring, it means we start to struggle between knowing what the weather for the day will be like - is it hot. is it cold...  

As you expect with the great British weather, it could be sunny in the morning but come afternoon it's cloudy and cold. So for me, making the winter to spring wardrobe transition work, layering ensures I'm ready for unreliable weather and managing that time between paring down my winter clothes to not yet fully wearing warmer weather pieces.

When your car breaks down

When your car breaks down, it's not fun and it can, of course, be expensive. Over the years we've had a few experiences of breaking down, from running out of fuel, to smoke coming out of the engine.

The first time I broke down, was when Lewis was a baby, I was driving to the shops the other end of town when smoke started coming out of the bonnet. Trying not to panic, I pulled over to the side of the road, and got the kids out of the car and rang hubby.  A lady came out of her house to offer us help and to make sure we were okay, which I thought was really lovely and kind.

Holidaying With A Campervan

With the year we've had so far, which has not been good, we are in need of some time away as a family; even if just a long weekend, a nice break away from everything, somewhere where we can explore and enjoy the outdoors. An adventure. 

This past 2-years we've been discovering our new found love of the outdoors. Each weekend we've enjoyed long walks, discovering new places, like the woods, lakes, coves, etc. beautiful places to take the kids and dogs. And, we want more. 

How to Take a Healthier Approach to Home Working

It may help you to get the better of your challenging commute but home working doesn’t always get a good press when it comes to promoting healthy living. Whether you’re taking your everyday job home with you in order to work flexibly or you’re planning to explore your options as a freelancer, home working has many potential health hold ups. And, if you’re not careful they can build up and detract from benefits such as longer lie ins.

There something special about receiving subscription boxes through the post each month. It's like giving yourself a gift full of goodies each month.

Subscription boxes are a great idea to discover and try out products you may or probably have never tried before - or even never considered before. I know from my experience with beauty subscription boxes over the years, I've found products that I've fallen in love with and gone on to purchase.

When a new combi boiler is needed

2016 was all about the extension for us, we added an extension on the back of the house, moved the living room into the new extension and with the old living room, we partitioned it into two halves which become our utility room and new dining room. 2017 sees our house renovations continue, where we plan on converting the garage into a play-room for the kids and probably most importantly, to replace the boiler.

We currently have a system boiler, which includes an electric thermal storage boilermate upstairs, and a gas boiler, downstairs.

Winter veggie victories

As we begin the slope into the colder months, your gardening efforts shouldn’t disappear. If you take a long winter break, you’ll find that it makes it tougher to get back out the following year. Instead, you should stay active by growing some delicious vegetables that can withstand the winter. Here are five of the best winter vegetables to grow, courtesy of Suttons Seeds Wish List

My son celebrated his 17th birthday over the weekend. He's grown into a lovely young man, maybe a little grumpy now and then, but mostly he's a thoughtful and caring soul. I am a super proud mum.

As well as being at college, he is working part-time and spends most of his hard working cash on clothing! Still, after the past 6-months, I get a little odd feeling when parcels come through the door for him - each time it reminds me he is not a child anymore, he's a growing lad.

Kids and bedroom windows

Windows are a problem, children love to look through windows, and mostly by sitting on the window sill - which scares the life out of me.

I have this 'thing' about keeping the windows in the house, especially upstairs, locked. I always remove the keys and store them away. Why? because one of my biggest fears that has plagued me over the years, is the kids falling out of the window.

They say that jewellery is a girl's best friend. The perfect accessory which can be worn for any occasion at any time.

Certain pieces are symbolic.

Some are worn as a simple statement.

The One And Only Freebie Guide: How To Score Freebies

If you become a first-class freebie hunter you will enjoy a huge amount of benefits; it will not only will it help your daily budget sometimes but also can help you gain access to products before they are sold to in the shops.

Everyone loves a good freebie and luckily, many websites are actually glad to offer them to you. Even though many of the websites will mainly list similar products, you need to ensure that you get the very best to avoid wasting time trawling through junk.

Why we all should have a bathrobe

 love bathrobes. They give you extra comfort, and warmth; perfect for cold mornings, perfect for when you get out of the shower / bath, lovely for when you arrive home from the freezing cold, you can snugly up into your robe. 

Wearing a bathrobe is like wearing like wearing a cup of hot tea. 

If I have no need or desire to go outside, with ease I will quite happily wear my bathrobe all day, and I've slept in mine a few times. 

Brantano Kids Trainers Wish List

Trainers are probably one of the most verstile shoes you can wear, which makes them the perfect choice for children. Whether they need them for PE lessons, after school club, to go down the skate park, or just everyday use, trainers are pretty practical footwear.

Lost School Uniform - An ongoing issue

We've all been there, you drop your child off at school, fully kitted out in uniform, but come home time, half of it's gone missing.

Lost uniform, which is never to be found again, can be pretty frustrating and expensive. You ask your child 'Where's your jumper' and they look at you blankly, or with that expression 'huh, how would I know that!' and they shrug their shoulders and say 'it's lost'.

Xmas Money Saving Tips

Christmas is getting close (It's Christmas next week!) and if you are like me you still have a lot to sort out. But come January, will you be complaining? "I'm skint now". It's not too late to avoid this.

Below are my Xmas Monday Saving Tips.