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Care homes

Care homes

I am a bit young to be thinking about care home for myself, and my parents are a bit young, but what about the older generation of the family members.  My great-grandmother spent her final years in a care home, many years, as she lived to the grand age of 102.

No-one likes to think about the time when family members may come to a point in life when they cannot live independently as they may need help. And, we live a lot longer nowadays as medicine is always evolving and advancing, and we are set to all live longer, but what does this mean when family members may come to a point where they can no longer live independently anymore.

I don't believe care homes are such a taboo as they were in the past, they have come along way since then, and I know my great-grandmother was well looked after and was very content during all her years in a care home. But, depending on the care home, they are many different options and choices for people.

Like most things in life, choosing the right care home and service can be a challenge. Costs for example depend on different circumstances: where you live, the amount of savings you have and the level of care you need, etc..

Barcherster Healthcare winners of the RoSPA Gold Award in 2015 have produced an e-book  designed to help people understand the options available on care home costs and what you get for your money.

So if you are stuck or you would like to find out more, then download the e-book which is designed to help and guide you through this new journey, to make the process a little easier, clearer and better.

Depending on the Care homes provider, each price their services differently -  there is no one size fits all so it is vital to know exactly what is included.

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