Is It Worth The Investment?

They say money makes the world go round, and it does. Just when you feel like you’ve got your income down and your expenses under control, another unexpected cost comes in. It’s never ending. But, that doesn’t mean you have to let money worries get you down. Instead, you should start to see your finances from a practical perspective. In life, there are so many different areas that warrant costs. Some you’ll be able to work out, but others will need paying. So how do you work it out?

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Low Maintenance, Edible Plants You Can Grow

More and more people are embracing home grown food.

Anyone can do it, you don’t need to be a farmer in order to reap the benefits of home-grown food. If you have a garden and/or window and a bit of extra time on your hands, then you can grow your own food right at home. Growing food at home also ensures that you know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown.

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3 Secret Selfie Tips That Will Change The Game

Taking the perfect selfie seems to be something that the Kardashians and similar public figures have mastered. However, it can take time for us mere mortals to get down. With the right tips, you can transform a mediocre selfie into something spectacular - maybe even something that gets hundreds of likes! Here are a few tips you need to know for this to happen:

Take It From A High Angle

The most flattering pictures are always taken from a high angle. This doesn’t need to be ridiculously high; just high enough to slim the face and flatter you. Practice taking from a higher angle and see how you like it.

Use A Selfie Light

Sometimes, it’s not you. It’s the lighting! Natural lighting and artificial lighting can change your selfie. Investing in a selfie light means you have a special light you can clip to your phone so that it’s perfect, wherever you may be. Perfect for night’s out and when you’re away from home, or even when you just want to up your game.

Choose Your Background Carefully

If your background is too distracting, you’re not going to take that ‘wow’ selfie that you really want to master. Choose your background carefully. It shouldn’t be too distracting, and should even enhance the picture if possible. You could take it against a block colour background, or even something with a subtle pattern.

If you love these selfie tips, you’re going to love all of the tips in the infographic below. You’ll never feel bad about a selfie you take ever again!

Credit to MyTrendyPhone

Substance Misuse Worker Opportunities in Criminal Justice

There are numerous employment opportunities available for substance misuse workers within the criminal justice framework in the UK. These specialists support both adults and young people who have significant issues with drugs, alcohol or other substances.

Substance misuse counselors work in a variety of settings, from prisons and residence-based rehabilitation to clinics; they also often serve on youth offending teams.

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Looking to buy a new car

Buying a new car is quite exciting. It's definitely one of life's greatest joys.  The browsing, doing test drives, and finding the one car just for you. And, when you finally get your new car home, it feels really good.

Hubby has a company car, but when it comes to my car, it's the family car. A 7 seater, which is essential to fit all 6 of us in.

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SkateHut Wish List

I'm not sure about you but there's something quite therapeutic about making a list (small or large) and wish lists are so much fun to do! especially ones for my kids.  

I've shopped at Skate Hut for years. My now teen boys when they were younger and into Scooters, they owned many different scooters over the years - and we always bought them from Skate Hut.

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Five Simple Ways to Give your Garden some Oomph

Summer is on its way at an alarming speed, which means there is no time like now to make a few simple improvements to your outside space. Following these tips might be all it takes to encourage you and your family to really take advantage of the (admittedly occasional) sunny days and light evenings this summer.

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Aquascutum Wish List

I work from home, which means I get the best of both worlds when it comes to what I wear for work. I attend conference calls in my comfy jeans, or even my PJs. But I also travel on business nationally and internationally a few years a time, and so, I also get the opportunity to dress like a successful business woman. 

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Laundrapp £15 #discountcode with no minimum spend

No matter how large or small your family, the never-ending round of laundry can be one of the most dreaded household chores. Many homes choose to utilise launderettes, but for many of us with busy lives, sparing the time to get to the laundrette can be an even bigger drain. 

Laundrapp, the on-demand, on-your-doorstep, laundry and dry cleaning service is offering my followers £15 off their first order, using the code LAUNDRAPPTANYA.

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Vintage Handbags

A girl's best friend is a handbag!  I love handbags. I have a few I've collected over the years, and never throw them out - I store them away safely. 

The handbag is a statement of personality and attitude. They're a unique statement of a woman's status and quite possibly they're mood.

But, why do we carry handbags? 

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My Top Freebie Website

Who doesn't love a freebie? The internet is bursting with websites offering freebies and coupons, Whilst a lot of them will list many offer the same products, it’s important to make sure you’re visiting the best websites so you're not wasting time trawling through rubbish.

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Sex, Money and Death Discussions

When it comes to tricky discussions like sex, money and death, they are not always the most welcome, and/or the easiest of discussions to have. Depending on the situation and who you are talking too, is whether it is a comfortable experience or not. For example, conversations with kids will differ to those with parents; siblings; grandparents or friends. But, these are conversations that at some point are needed and most of the time shouldn't be avoided.  

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