I'm not very good at gambling, I try and understand betting etc. but it's too much of an effort when in the end I'll probably lose my money anyhow, and this is why I prefer to do something easier, that doesn't involve too much money.  I enjoy buying a lottery ticket and have done for years, but there are so many lotteries out there, international, that you wonder how can you get a ticket for it?! 

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The top 3 pros and cons to drinking coffee while breastfeeding

When a mother is pregnant, it is understandable that there are certain types of food that needed to be avoided in order to ensure the health and safety of the baby. Oftentimes, right after delivery, mothers tend to go back to their old diet and forget that they still need to consider certain things, especially if they are breastfeeding. One of these is drinking coffee while breastfeeding. To some extent, coffee consumption can greatly affect the baby especially if you are a heavy coffee drinker.

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4 Sports Your 'Unsporty' Teen Might Enjoy

For the ‘unsporty,’ there is a lot of pressure to feel like you need to participate and enjoy the everyday sports surrounding you. This can seem daunting for those who simply do not follow football, cricket or rugby; yet, these sports are national treasures. Do not lose faith, though, as there are, in fact, many sports for your teenager to love.

Take time to do a little research and figure out the best options. Attend practices and classes to see if your teen starts to pick up the sport and enjoy themselves. You’re not alone in the battle, so talk to other parents and students about their experience. See four sports your ‘unsporty’ teen might enjoy.

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Choosing the Right School for Your Child

We all want the very best for our kids and we are all acutely aware of how important their education is, as well as what difference a good or bad school can make to a child’s future. Consequently, parents all over Britain have to, at some point, navigate the intricacies of our education system and try and find a good school nearby. It is not uncommon for parents to relocate their entire family in order to be in the catchment area of a suitable school. Not only do parents have to find the right school they also have to decide between public and private education.

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Working from home - the office space

I've worked from home for 10 years now and absolutely love it.

It's not for everyone, there are a few negatives, it can be lonely as there are no office colleagues to speak to, office space in your home is not always the most effective, etc,. For me, the pros out shine the cons. I love the flexibility it offers, I am always on hand if my children need me, I can attend school events without having to book a day off work, if the children are poorly I am here, the list goes on and on. 

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5 Reasons to Learn to Drive

Are you thinking about learning to drive? Wondering what the benefits are of investing in a licence and a car? Getting behind the wheel can give you bring you all sorts of things, from freedom to making the journey to work a bit easier. Here are some reasons why you should book those driving lessons and get out on the road in your own set of wheels.

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eBay collections

This past 6 weeks I've been selling on eBay. I am fully into the swing of selling things and enjoying it at the same time.  I'm slowly shifting clutter and making money at the same time - its a win win situation. I started off with simple items, ones that I could pack and post off myself, but now, I've slowly started to list bigger items, i.e. wardrobes, garden table.

These I've listed as 'Collection only', which at first I thought would limit the interest my items would get, i.e. only local people would look to bid - but this is not necessarily true and this is because I didn't realise that a buyer can organize and pay for a courier to collect the 'Collection only' item from the seller. 

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