Working from home - the office space

I've worked from home for 10 years now and absolutely love it.

It's not for everyone, there are a few negatives, it can be lonely as there are no office colleagues to speak to, office space in your home is not always the most effective, etc,. For me, the pros out shine the cons. I love the flexibility it offers, I am always on hand if my children need me, I can attend school events without having to book a day off work, if the children are poorly I am here, the list goes on and on. 

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5 Reasons to Learn to Drive

Are you thinking about learning to drive? Wondering what the benefits are of investing in a licence and a car? Getting behind the wheel can give you bring you all sorts of things, from freedom to making the journey to work a bit easier. Here are some reasons why you should book those driving lessons and get out on the road in your own set of wheels.

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eBay collections

This past 6 weeks I've been selling on eBay. I am fully into the swing of selling things and enjoying it at the same time.  I'm slowly shifting clutter and making money at the same time - its a win win situation. I started off with simple items, ones that I could pack and post off myself, but now, I've slowly started to list bigger items, i.e. wardrobes, garden table.

These I've listed as 'Collection only', which at first I thought would limit the interest my items would get, i.e. only local people would look to bid - but this is not necessarily true and this is because I didn't realise that a buyer can organize and pay for a courier to collect the 'Collection only' item from the seller. 

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Garden To-Do Wish List

With the extension and renovations we've recently had, our garden has taken a battering the past 12 months. After a good tidy and clear out, it looks a lot cleaner and tidier than it did a few months ago, but the garden is still looking neglected and a bit sorry for itself.  My aim is to give it a new lease of life in time for next spring. Somewhere where we will be proud to invite guests around, sit, entertain and spend time together as a family. So below I've put together my to do list / wish list on what I want for my garden.

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Love To Cook? Ideas For Making More Of Your Passion!

Is cooking one of your passions? Have you always loved to experiment in the kitchen? If the answer is yes, perhaps you should think about doing more to make the most of your passion for cooking? Not everyone is lucky enough to have something that they love to do so much, which is why if you can cook well and love to cook, you should consider making more of your passion.

Bearing that in mind, the question is, how can you do that? Of course, the straightforward answer would be to become a chef or patisserie chef, but as a mama who is parenting little ones currently, this may not be an option for you right now, which is why finding an alternative way to make more of your passion for cooking is so important.


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How Can You Improve Your Child's Future Job Prospects?

The school system these days has a lot of downfalls. While it does give kids the necessary qualifications that they’ll need to get into higher education and eventually, the job market. That’s a vital part of their upbringing, but it isn’t the whole picture. With so much focus on exams and statistics, the schooling system sometimes neglects other parts of a child’s development that are important in later life. When they go out into the world and start looking for jobs, they are going to be going up against hundreds of other applicants with exactly the same qualifications. They aren’t going to get the job because of their grades alone, it will be their personality and experiences that will help them set themselves apart from the crowd. That’s why it is vital that you teach them the life skills, and give them the experiences that they need to make them a well-rounded person before you send them out on their own. If you’re worried about the downfalls in their schooling, make sure that you do these things.

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End-Of-Summer Craft Ideas To Do With Your Kids

There is no such thing as a bad time of year to do some crafts with your children. However, there are always times when it becomes particularly important to spend time with your children. Parents are often struck by what a difference it can make to the family's mood when it comes to near the end of summer. If you have noticed this in your children, you might be keen for a way to cheer them up a bit. Fortunately, we have the solution here. In this post, we are going to look at some of the best end-of-summer craft ideas you can do with your children. These will help to put a smile on everyone’s face in no time.

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5 Tips to selecting a lawyer for your business needs

Everybody knows how hard it is to run a business. That is why you will need a lot of help from specialists in order to make the business run smoother and efficient. You will not only need managers that are experts in handling the day-to-day operations of the company, you will also need to employ the services of a good lawyer. Lawyers are experts in the matters concerning the law, and we all know that the law can easily close down your business if you commit a major crime. To elaborate the importance of a lawyer in a business, below are some of the business processes that need the guidance of a lawyer.

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Epic Halloween Decorations Wish List

Halloween, second to Christmas, is one night of the year my kids (and us adults) love to celebrate. The kids have already been counting down the days and we still have three months to go. Why do we love Halloween so much?! It’s the one night of the year where it is perfectly acceptable and expected of people to dress up in the most scary and elaborate costumes, with some great face painting to match. It’s fun, scary fun, creative, and of course it always involves a lot of sweets.

The kids love trick or treating, but they love that we decorate the house too.  But,

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