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Arts and Crafts

Jacob's favourite project this month was the Ice painting. First we had to mix the powder paint with water and put all three tubs into the freezer until they turned into ice (Ice paint).  We then popped the ice paint cubes out of there tubs, and used the ice paint cubes with our hands to paint on the picture -it was rather messy, but loads of fun! We then placed the stencils on the painting and using the white paint and sponge, we sponged the white paint over the stencil and finally, we tapped the glitter over the stencil - take it off slowly and hey pesto! we had a white glittery polar bear on our painting. With the cardboard tube we placed the tissue over one end, and secured it with the rubber band, we then pressed on the painting in the top hand corner, held it for 10 seconds, and when we took it off, it created a moon.  The other 3 projects were just as much fun, I particularly liked the snowflakes - which we have hung up in the lounge.


Igloo project

The polar bear project

Jacob's finished snowflakes

Jacob's finished ice painting

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