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Our Re-Imagined Space Station

Jacob is rather pleased with his re-imagined Space Station he built.

have re-imagined the battery category with the world’s first battery made out of 4% recycled battery material, but they won't stop there! By 2025 Energizer aim for an even more EcoAdvanced battery which will be made from 40% recycled battery material - watch this space!

So to celebrate, Energizer has challenged bloggers to undertake a re-imagination challenge using a surprise box of goodies! We had no clue to what we were going to receive, and we could use any items out of this box and if needed, 2 household items. It was rather exciting waiting to see what was included in the box and when it did arrive, it didn't disappoint. We received a crate packed full of bits and bobs, from paint to kitchen roll to empty jam jars. A whole jumble of stuff - the next steps was for Jacob to use his imagination and build.

We had a rummage through the contents and pretty much instantly Jacob announced he was making a rocket and a space station. We tried to use as much of the included bits and bobs as possible and managed to use everything bar one jar. Although, we used everything else, the tie, which we made a flag - or the buttons where we made flowers. In addition, we used one item outside the included contents, and that was a plastic cup - Jacob used it to sit the rocket on.

Would you like to get your imagination juices rolling? Then why don't you join in:

Energizer are running a campaign to encourage You to also get involved. What can you re-imagination? Put that imagination to the test and try some upcycling at home. The prize for two entrants who come up with the most imaginative creations is a fantastic overnight stay at the Science Museum in London along with a GoPro camera, so they can film the whole experience! You have until the end of September to enter, so don’t wait and submit your details here via Facebook.

This was the pack as it arrived.
Jacob knew straight away he wanted to build a space station with a rocket.
Summer joined in on the fun.
We got messy.
And  the rocket started to come together.
A tower with steps.
A row of flowers with the super shiny Satellite dishes / laser gun. 
The rocket - dipped in watered down red paint (we didn't have a lot of paint to work with, so we mixed it with water and dipped the mop end it - Jacob wanted it red to look like flames.
Ta Da! Jacob is really pleased with his super space station. We had tons of fun making it, took us all week, made loads of mess - but well worth it. He is happily playing with his new Space Station and we think it is pretty cool.

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