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Lego Dream House

We were sent a bag of Lego to build the boys dream house. We also did have to use some of our own Lego - over the years with my boys we have collected tons of it, all shapes, sizes, colours etc.  So we poured all the Lego onto a mat and shifted through what we needed.

I asked the boys what they wanted to build, what would be their dream home - first Jacob said a hobbit hole (he is a big LOTR fan), but Lewis said no to that, and so Lewis suggested a Lighthouse. We live in a coastal town and have a lighthouse sat on the cliffs, unfortunately, there is no entry permitted (as it is someone lives there), thus it has always held an air of mystery about it.

Next we had to establish what colours we wanted, Lewis mentioned we should first check which colour Lego pieces we have the most off, and we identified white and green - with a bit of yellow. Luckily enough we had some old Lego window pieces to make our lantern room.

We got our Lego base and Lewis started to build the tower, Jacob got to work on the sand, the sea, the rocks, he found a crab to put on the rocks. He also built a bird stand. Summer placed lots of flowers around the entrance, and 

Lewis built the tree (with red apples) and then a bench to sit on the rocks "to look out to the sea". 

Me, I was the 'find the Lego piece/colour' person. 

I am really pleased with how the boys used their imagination and built this lighthouse from nothing, they used what pieces we had, and could find. The final masterpiece looks fantastic - most importantly, the boys are super pleased with it.

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