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How to Turn an Old Book into a Storage Box


For a while now I have wanted to make a keepsake box out of one of my old books

Materials needed:

  • 1 metre fabric – Hatti Raspberry
  • 1 old hardback book
  • A paintbrush
  • Multi-purpose glue
  • A ruler and pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stanly knife

First I painted the back book cover and spine with the glue, and covered with the fabric. I then turned the book over, positioned it on the fabric, pressed down, turned it over so the back is now facing me, and smoothed it out with my hand. And again I did the same for the front cover and then the inside the cover. Cutting two slits on each side of the spine, and using a butter knife I tucked the fabric into the spine - both ends.

I then closed the book, and painted all three sides of the pages with the glue. Make sure to coat them thoroughly. I then placed a heavy iron (turned off) on top of the book and let it to sit and dry for about 12 hours.

Now that the pages are all glued together, I started cutting out the middle of the pages. First, I measure out the size and shape of the compartment I wanted, then carefully I started slicing around the marked shape with Stanly knife. I went deep enough to place some jewelry bits in, but you can go deeper if you so wish. And that is finished - you can see my pictures below.

Fabric covered books (with a secret hidden compartment) are pretty, cheap decor pieces that will look beautiful in the bookcase, or on a shelf - and you get to hide some bits and bobs.

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