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Toucan box activities

Today we finally finished the January Toucan Box activities.

We had loads of fun making the two multi-coloured jelly fish with there dangly tentacles, and the two red crabs that Jacob calls 'Mr Crabs'. In addition we made a yellow 'super' submarine, and finally made a picture with paint stamps and stickers - with an underwater theme.

First we made the two Jelly Fish - In the box there was two templates with pre-punched holes, Jacob and I coloured in the templates, stuck the eyes on, and threaded through the ribbons. Also included in the box was suction hooks, so we hung our jelly fish on the back door.

For the crabs, Jacob painted the pots in red, once dried we pushed through the pipe cleaners to make legs, and antennas.  We then cut some circles out, stuck the eyes on to each circle, and pushed and secured each eye onto a pipe cleaner. Finally we clipped some tiny pegs on the two front pipe cleaners for the crab's claws.

Yellow submarine - Jacob painted to tubes and two balls yellow, and once dry he put the two tubes together, and the smaller ball on one end. We then cut out the template given by Toucan, and glued it to the tubs, and finally stuck the second ball in the top. 

Finally the picture, Jacob first cut out the sandpaper and clued it on the black paper, he then clued the green ribbon on the picture to make the seaweed, and we cut out a fish shape on the sponge which was also supplied. Jacob then made some fishy paint prints, and he stuck an eye on each fish and finally included were the stickers of sea creatures.

We had so much fun completing all the January activities, and Jacob loves receiving the Toucan box each month - we have been subscribing to this service for nearly 2 years now, and I would recommend it to anyone that has young children. The Toucan box is delivered each month with 4 activities, and included is everything you will need to complete each activity - even the paper and paint brushes. Not forgetting the box always comes with a story or sticker book.

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