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Halloween Lollipop Ideas

Halloween Lollipop Ideas


We love Halloween, every year we decorate the house and throw a part; we take the kids trick or treating and enjoy the atmosphere of the night (and eat loads of sweets and chocolate). Sadly this year, the first since many years we won't be hosting a party (due to the extension being built, it's just not possible for us this year). We are still going to take the kids out trick or treating's and we'll decorate the front of the house a little, nothing like we normally do - but next year we should be back to normal and going the full hog!

We will still get some pumpkins, carve them out, do some arts and crafts etc. and getting ready for all the trick or treaters.

Viking Direct sent us a box full of arts and crafts for this Halloween, it was full of lollies, so of course, the first thing I thought, was to make spooky lollipops (although, they are more cute than spooky).

Last Halloween we made some fun Lollipop ghosts, this year we've been a bit more adventurous and made not only lollipop ghosts, but lollipop spiders, lollipop vampires, and lollipop pumpkins! They are super simple to make, loads of fun and the kids just love them - perfect for Halloween parties or to give to the kids that come trick or treating.


Jacob's favourite was the Lolipop Spiders we made. They are very easy and quick to make:

What you need:

  • Lollipops
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Stick on wiggle eyes


Lay out the 4 pipe cleaners (I cut mine in half) and fold/twist around the stick of the lollipop. Shape the pipe cleaners for legs and stick on the eyes. 


Viking Direct included this pack of fun and cool shape scissors - each one cuts a different shape - how cool is that?  We used these scissors to cut the tissues paper for our ghost lollipop


We going to make a whole heap of Halloween lollipops to give to our trick or treaters this year.

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