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Christmas Crafting with #bostikblogger

Christmas Crafting with #bostikblogger

This month's Bostik Blogger box was packed full of seasonal items, perfect to have fun with and make Christmas crafts with.

Whilst Jacob started (see below) decorating his Christmas Tree and cards, I gathered some pieces from the Bostik pack to make a gift box. It is small, but cute, and I had tons of fun making it.

To make this I used the little round ring box, a sheet of gift wrapping paper, string, a bell, and a gold glittery pipe cleaner and a fir one too; not forgetting the Fine & Wide Bostik glu pen.

Even though I wrapped the string around the whole box, I wanted it to be openable. So I wrapped the bottom separately and then wrapped the lid too - using the same gift wrapping paper.  


Cut the wrapping paper into half.

Using the wide end of the glu pen, I placed glue around the outside of the box.

Slowly roll the box, where I glued onto the paper, wrapping it around fully.  

Once dried, I cut the paper sticking out over the box, slitting it to enable me, to then fold/tuck the paper inside and gluing it, I did this also for the bottom of the box.

I then repeated these steps using the second half of the wrapping paper for the box lid.

Placing the lid onto the base of the box, I then tied the string around, securing it, and finished it with a bow.  

Under the string bow I tucked in the fir pipe cleaner, snipping it to size.

With a bell I threaded a small piece of string, and tied it to the middle of the string tied to the box - at the base of the bow.

And, that is my festive small round gift box.

Included in the pack were small little wooden shapes, one was an angel shape and the other a snowman. Jacob used two leafs to stick on the angel to make her wings, and using the gold glitter pipe cleaner, we made her halo.  

For the snowman, we wrapped ribbon around his neck for a scarf, and used the Bostik glitter pens for his buttons and his eyes. Jacob then stuck a gem on his head for his hat.

Very simple, but fun pieces. 

Jacob made these lovely festive Christmas Garland and Christmas Tree.  He stuck the gems on, with bits of ribbon. He used the one start gem we had for the top of the tree.

Then finally, included in the pack were some blank cards, Jacob made his friends some lovely personalized Christmas Cards, drawing an Elf using the Bostik glitter glue pens.

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